Our Team


We are a group of students from Vienna who have participated in various MEP sessions all over Europe and decided to further spread the European spirit by launching MEPx. We are currently organising the first MEPx session that will take place in Vienna, in June 2018.



Our idea was to inspire people to become part of politics – Inspire people to take their future into their own hands.

Our Team consists of current students, graduating this School Year or in the years to come and although School Forces us to spend a lot of time on These matters, we are happily spending (nearly) Every free Minute on organizing MEPxAustria.

Since August 2017 we are preparing the first MEPx session ever, in total it will take nearly one Year and will occupy most of the time arounf 30 enthusiastic organizers, even more passionate supporters and a countless number of hours – Really summing up the numer of hours spent on MEPxAustria would probably amount to several days.

But the reason why we are actually that enthusiastic about this Project and why we are passionate enough to spend our time on this Project is the idea of MEP and foremost YOU!

Looking Forward to Meeting 170 different, open-minded and passionate (and probably also ambitious) students from all over the European continent (and even more as we will also host a guest Delegation from Canada) is more than enough reason for us to be more than convinced of MEPxAustria.


So see you soon, in our beautiful capital Vienna!