CPs and Presidency

Our team is not complete yet. Until we can announce the entire MEPxAustria leadership, some already appointed CPs and Presidents introduce themselves on this page.



Lara Condell | AFET

My name is Lara Condell I was born in Vienna and moved to Klosterneuburg at the age of six years.

This year I will finish my secondary education and final year of IB diploma at the Klosterneuburg International School. My first experience with the Model European Parliament was the MEP in Klosterneuburg in 2017 which was in fact organised by a few pupils from my school. Not fully knowing what I had signed up for I started to enjoy debating about international issues and obtained a great insight into European politics.

I feel honoured to be the Committee President for foreign affairs at the MepxAustria and look forward to meeting you all.

Vienna awaits you!



Sebastian Löblich | ENVI

Hi, I’m Sebastian Löblich, I’m 18 and since you’re reading this I will probably be your CP in the first MEPx session ever. If not- hello anyways, I am one of two CPs for the Committee on Environmental affairs and public health and so on and so forth. In our committee sessions we’ll be dealing with the implementation of a “Circular economy” and I will give my best to remind you to address the presidency every time you forget to…unless I forget it myself, which is very likely.

But joking aside. I’m from Vienna, the beautiful capital of Austria and the place where our session will be held. In our committee sessions we’ll save the world. Literally. Figuratively actually. Also I made sure we won’t have to drink from disposable plastic cups.





Lisa Hall | AFCO

I am Lisa Hall and possibly your future committee president. Having an English dad and Austrian mum, I was brought up surrounded by both English & German. Currently in my last year of the IB diploma, I am attempting to gain real life experiences regarding how an organisation operates, which is why I am part of the MEPx team. Having already organised and taken part at our session last year, I have gained valuable insight revolving around the organization and execution of this ambitious project.

To me, it is truly fascinating to be in a room full of people from a wide range of backgrounds all debating about global issues, more specifically issues, they are personally concerned with. It provides myself and everyone else involved with an accurate representation of the European Parliament and a glimpse into the work that is responsible for maintaining and empowering the European Union.

Representing and working on many causes that I personally believe in, the European Union is an institution which I feel is worth investigating.

In conclusion, I very much look forward to collaborating with you all at MEPxAustria in June!



Dominik Zhang | AFET/SEDE

My name is Dominik Zhang and I was born in Vienna. I already see people asking about my ethnicity. To make it clear, my parents are both from China, my mother from Beijing and my father from Tibet.

The “MEP meets school” session in Klosterneuburg was my first actual experience with the European parliament and soon got me the opportunity to participate in the regional MEP session in Naples, Italy. Not only did I get practical political experience but also did I meet interesting people all over Europe.

I’m glad to be a part of the MepxAustria and can’t wait to see all of you in Vienna!




Ella Riise MacLeod | AFET/SEDE

Honourable delegates,

My name is Ella Riise MacLeod, and I will, together with Dominik Zhang from Austria, be chairing the committee on Foreign Affairs – subcommittee on security and defence. I very much look forward to meeting you all and hearing your ideas on how the EU should act in approaching global nuclear disarmament. I am currently finishing my last year of the International Baccalaureate in a small town in Norway called Elverum, and have, during my time here, attended two MEP BSR sessions as a delegate, and will be acting as CP during the upcoming MEP BSR session in Poland this spring. I look forward to, and will be expecting, great discussions on this challenging issue that you will be addressing in Vienna this summer!




Axel Vide | LIBE

Dear Delegates,

My name is Axel Vide and this summer in Vienna I will be one of the CPs for the committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. I live in the beautiful capital of Sweden that we all know as Stockholm and when I’m not working with MEP I’m in the second year of the economics program. In the fall of 2017 I was a delegate at MEP BSR Riga and having had a great time there, I am so excited to do it again! The threat of terrorism is growing and it is one of the most important questions as we go into an uncertain future. Together with you and the other delegates of LIBE, I hope to discuss, learn and develop new ideas as we work towards the end goal, our resolution!




Olivia Krampla | FEMM

My name is Olivia Krampla and I am 18 years old. When I’ve finished school I want to become a teacher, as I want to encourage students to learn and pass on everything I know. If this fails, I would like to take my love for animals to another level and do activist work as well as research. I first became interested in politics, when I helped out at the train station where the refugees were arriving during the 2015/16-refugee crisis. It is my life goal to help as many as possible. My greatest passion is probably doing sports. I dance, I do rhythmic gymnastics and use any opportunity to be moving. I love pouring my heart and soul into my writing in particular my poetry and have a small collection of poetry and short stories.





 Giulia Camphana | DEVE 

My name is Giulia Campanha, I am 18 soon to be 19 years old. I am Brazilian, but I have lived in a few other places, which sparked my interest for different cultures. I am currently studying International Relations and Organizations at Leiden University, in the Netherlands. MEPxAustria will be my third MEP experience, being my second time as a Committee President. I hope you will all enjoy your experience in MEP as much as I have so far.

I look forward to meeting you all in June!




Adriana Svítková | ENVI

Hello everybody, my name is Adriana and will turn 18 soon. In the end of this June you can find me chairing the ENVI committee, however, I usually stay around Prague, which is my hometown and where I am studying the second-last year at a grammar school.

I don’t stay there that often, as I come from various countries across the world and in the recent past have obtained a scholarship and studied at a British boarding school or have attended the MEP in Copenhagen. Since this MEP, I have been chairing and organising our school MEP sessions and currently am working on enlarging those into the whole Czech national MEP session. To be honest, it is quite a lot of work but all so worth it – MEP is truly something! Just wait to experience it this June.





Leon Neidenbach | EMPL

Hey, I’m Leon Neidenbach, 18 years old, born and raised in Vienna, Austria. I have a lot of interests, my main ones are probably sports, music and having conversations with strangers.

I am a CP at the first ever MEPx session, chances are 1:10 that I will chair your committee. I am graduating this year at “Stiftung Theresianische Akademie” in Vienna and will soon pursue my studies abroad, right after taking a gap year. Speaking of my own experiences, which enlarged my interests in European politics, Model European Parliament sessions are always filled with excitement, suspense and great opportunities to socialize. Our committee will discuss and elaborate the current situation concerning youth unemployment – a current issue, which many young adolescents have to face. Honoured to be one of the Committee Presidents, I’m already looking forward to witnessing hour-long debates with all my fellow delegates and to meet new friends!



Alberto Lambert | AFET

Dear Delegates,

My name is Alberto Lambert and I will be your Committee President for the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Currently reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics at University College London, I live and study in the heart of the city. I was raised speaking Italian and alongside my interest in political theory and current affairs, I have a passion for gastronomy. Previously, as Head of the United Kingdom Delegation to the 43rd MEP International Session, I sat on the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

Turning my attentions from controversial TTIP negotiations to uncovering functional resolutions in the face of an increasingly pressing refugee crisis, I look forward to preserving an enduring MEP tradition of world-class discussion, forging a dynamic resolution with some of Europe’s brightest minds.



Aila Marini | DEVE

Hi my name is Aila Marini and I am 18 years old. I am half Turkish and half Italian so I was raised in a multicultural environment that has inspired me to participate in conferences such as MEPx. I am currently studying International Relations at King’s College London and I hope it will be an inspiration for those of you who hope to pursue such a path after MEP as I have. I have been to multiple conferences, but this will be my second MEP conference so I am very excited to repeate my experience!

I am looking forward to meeting you all and hearing our discussions in June.



Kyriaki Pantazia | CULT

Hey, my name is Kyriaki Pantazi and I’m 18 years old. I’m a Greek – Cypriot from the beautiful, Mediterranean island of Cyprus. I’m an easygoing, amiable person who loves meeting new people and I cannot wait to meet all of you. I was raised by a single, independent and open-minded mother who taught me how to persevere in the face of adversity.   I learned from an early age to speak my mind (always with respect) and encourage others to do so, too. I always call a spade a spade because I hate dishonesty and injustice. That is why I’m looking forward to studying Law in England next year. I’m currently attending my last year of high school and in the meantime I’m part of a scouts group. My MEP experience started last October in MEDMEP in Naples.  I’ve also participated in two sessions of MEDIMUN Cyprus (in 2017 and 2018). In 2017 I  took part in the EYP session in Cyprus. Participating in these conferences has helped me step outside my comfort zone and think out of the box. I have met people from many different cultures and have learnt to appreciate and celebrate diversity. I also speak Greek, English and Italian, and also understand Spanish.MEPMED Naples was an eye-opening experience the memory of which I will cherish for ever. I hope that you love or you will love MEP as much I do. See you in June; and please ……….come with a big appetite for great discussions.





Stefanos Charalampous  | EMPL

Hello, my name is Stefanos Charalampous  and I’m 17 years old. I’m from the small, but nonetheless beautiful island of Cyprus – home of history, Ancient civilizations and Greek gods. I love reading books, watching movies, listening to music, having fun and most of all… DEBATING! I’m considered to be a really friendly person and I aspire to make more people speak up and express themselves! If you are reading this and chose to join the committee of EMPL, then I’ll most probably be one of your CPs this June in Austria. I participated in the 47th International Session of MEP Finland this past November, and it will truly be an honor for me to meet you, that is if you choose to experience MEP firsthand with us. I’m currently studying History, Ancient Greek and Latin, but by September 2018, I hope to be in the Netherlands studying international law and after that? Well, you’ll find me  somewhere across the EU. See you in June!




Nick Schouten| ITRE

Hello, my name is Nick Schouten and I could be your committee president at MEPx! I am 18 years old and live in the rural – fairly Eurosceptic – eastern part of the Netherlands. Quite contrasting with the hustle and bustle of the capital of Austria.

At the moment I am finishing my secondary education in Zwolle and I hope to continue my school career with studying Law in Groningen upcoming autumn. I started to grow an interest for debating in Zwolle and I began to participate in gatherings like the regional MEP conference of Overijssel and MUNESCO Leuven, Belgium. That’s also when I started to admire the positive influence the EU has on so many aspects of our daily life. Aspects that we will be discussing in a couple of weeks. I look forward to meeting you all in Vienna!