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Our Vision is to inspire people to become part of the European community, to become part of a project that will change the world. The world in which we have been born and raised, the world in which we live today, would be nothing like it, if it was not for the changes it experienced in the past 25 years. And the world in which we live in 25 years, will be nothing like today - the only difference is that we have had the chance to profit from the way other people have shaped the world the last 25 years and it is our responsability and goal  to shape the next ones. It is exactly this task -  a burden but even more a chance - which we have come to realise thanks to our previous experiences with MEP. And this is exactly the Vision we want to inspire with all upcoming MEPx conferences!


MEPx has set itself the objective to interconnect people, to bring as many people from all over the European continent together to establish as many international friendships. For one week, one of the European capitals will be the centre of European Democracy and will open its doors to delegates from all across the European Union and even further away.


All of us are granted the chance to be part of the European Community. Exactly this idea of Community is at the heart of MEPx as well as of the European Democracy. With our initiative all of us will breathe life into the institutions of the EU and will for one week, experience European Democracy at first hand.


European Politics is shaping our life each and every day. Our Vision of actively engaging in politics, becoming part of it and ultimately changing our continent and the world around us is what MEPx is trying to advocate each and every day. During our conference, the means of changing European politics lie in your hands and your task will be to show, who the youth can change the world around us.


At the heart of the European Union lies the idea of Community - the idea of transcending arbitrary borders and surpassing national interests and striving towards a more united future.

With this idea the European Union Progresses from day to day from being only small divided subsections into a truly thriving Community. 


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Enthusiasm for politics. Adolescent engagement. Taking our future into our own hands. This is the idea of MEPx - offering the Chance to be part of changing European Politcs. To be a part of the European Community. And to live the European Spirit yourself. This is MEPxAustria!